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06 March 2019Canadian Landscape Painters - Tom Thomson and the 'Group of Seven' Talk begins at 2pm
06 February 2019Contrasts of Colour and Form Art Deco Jewellery Talk begins at 2pm
05 December 2018The Victorian Christmas - a Celebration! Lecture begins 2pm
07 November 2018Cosmonauts and Cotton-pickers - Soviet Central Asian Mosaics and the use of Public Art as Propaganda Lecture begins at 2pm
03 October 2018Brilliant British Humour in the Forgotten Art of Picture Postcards - 1840-1950 Lecture begins at 2pm
05 September 2018The Herbarium of Carl Linnaeus Lecture begins at 2pm
04 July 2018Artists & Espionage - Lawn Road Flats NW3 Lecture begins 2pm
06 June 2018As Good as Gold Lecture begins at 2pm
02 May 2018Medieval Illuminated Books of Hours Lecture begins at 2pm
04 April 2018Venice - Queen of the Adriatic. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS LECTURE WILL BE HELD AT BINGLEY ARTS CENTRE at 2pm
07 March 2018Sticky Tape, Moths and Men
07 February 2018Modern Silver
06 December 2017Mrs. Beeton’s Christmas
01 November 2017Les Parisiennes
04 October 2017Austen’s Arcadia 1817-2017
06 September 2017Legend and Lustre. Jim Thompson and Thai Silk
05 July 2017Monet at Giverny
07 June 2017Gilded Glories. Fascinating History of Gilding
03 May 2017Self Portraits
05 April 2017Secret Art in the Passport
01 March 2017Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion
01 February 2017Buckingham Palace: It’s History, Occupancy and Contents

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Canadian Landscape Painters - Tom Thomson and the 'Group of Seven' Talk begins at 2pm Dr Richard Thomas Wednesday 06 March 2019

From 1912 Tom Thomson and 'the Group of Seven' revolutionised Canadian painting. Some were war artists who went on to produce delightful portraits and townscapes; but all of them were inspired by the Canadian landscape and the wilderness to the 'north'.  The early focus was on Algonquin Park near Toronto - into which Tom Thomson mysteriously disappeared in 1917.  The others continued to paint for two decades and their paintings not only 'moulded the way Canadians looked at their land', they also 'capture the eye, stir the memory and feed the heart'.  The talk will discuss the main artists within the group (including Thomson, FH Varley, Lawren Harris and AY Jackson) and show many of their defining works.

Our Speaker: Dr Richard Thomas completed an MA in Canada in Development Studies and a PhD from Trinity College, Dublin in History and Political Science.  His career as a teacher in Africa, as an academic at Reading University and as a politial and institutional analyst in the field of International Development enabled him to travel widely in Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  He always sought to understand the Arts, Architecture and Culture wherever he was in helping him illuminate the past and explaini the present.