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01 May 2019Women behind the Lens - outstanding women photographers and their contribution to the art of photography Talk begins at 2pm
03 April 2019The Science behind the Art - Leonardo da Vinci Talk begins at 2pm
06 March 2019Canadian Landscape Painters - Tom Thomson and the 'Group of Seven' Talk begins at 2pm
06 February 2019Contrasts of Colour and Form Art Deco Jewellery Talk begins at 2pm
05 December 2018The Victorian Christmas - a Celebration! Lecture begins 2pm
07 November 2018Cosmonauts and Cotton-pickers - Soviet Central Asian Mosaics and the use of Public Art as Propaganda Lecture begins at 2pm
03 October 2018Brilliant British Humour in the Forgotten Art of Picture Postcards - 1840-1950 Lecture begins at 2pm
05 September 2018The Herbarium of Carl Linnaeus Lecture begins at 2pm
04 July 2018Artists & Espionage - Lawn Road Flats NW3 Lecture begins 2pm
06 June 2018As Good as Gold Lecture begins at 2pm
02 May 2018Medieval Illuminated Books of Hours Lecture begins at 2pm
04 April 2018Venice - Queen of the Adriatic. PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS LECTURE WILL BE HELD AT BINGLEY ARTS CENTRE at 2pm
07 March 2018Sticky Tape, Moths and Men
07 February 2018Modern Silver
06 December 2017Mrs. Beeton’s Christmas
01 November 2017Les Parisiennes
04 October 2017Austen’s Arcadia 1817-2017
06 September 2017Legend and Lustre. Jim Thompson and Thai Silk
05 July 2017Monet at Giverny
07 June 2017Gilded Glories. Fascinating History of Gilding
03 May 2017Self Portraits
05 April 2017Secret Art in the Passport
01 March 2017Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion
01 February 2017Buckingham Palace: It’s History, Occupancy and Contents

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Women behind the Lens - outstanding women photographers and their contribution to the art of photography Talk begins at 2pm Brian Stater Wednesday 01 May 2019

The work of women photographers has often been unfairly neglected.   This talk seeks to correct that by examining the contribution of three outstanding British practitioners: Julia Margaret Cameron, a Victorian pioneer; Jane Bown a brilliant portraitist (with many credits and awards to her name for her work with the Observer newspaper) and Fay Godwin, who excelled in landscape photography.

We also explore the work of two highly influential American photographers -  Dorothea Lange, who excelled in documentary images and Annie Leibovitz, who continues to both surprise and delight her audience and subjects alike, one of whom was Queen Elizabeth II, who posed for Leibovitz.

Our Speaker: Brian Stater is a Senior Teaching Fellow at University College London, where he has lectured since 1997 and is also a very popular speaker with the Arts Society.

An exhibition of Brian's own photographs has been staged at UCL.  He is an engaging and amusing speaker who seeks to entertain as well as inform his audience.