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Looking for Georgia - my journey across New Mexico in the footsteps of Georgia O'Keeffe
Talk begins at 2pm
Lydia Bauman Wednesday 04 September 2019

Georgia O'Keeffe, often recognised as the 'mother of American Modernism' was born in 1887.  She lived until she was 99.

It was as early as at the age of 10 she decided that she wanted to become and artist and spent her life learning and teaching painting.

O'Keeffe, most probably known  for her magnified depiction of flowers, went on to paint the New York skyline and sky-scrapers before she travelled to New Mexico, at the end of the 1920's, where she explored and painted the mountains and deserts that so captivated her and became her life's work.

Art historian, working artist and our Speaker today gives an account of the challenges she faced when crossing the Mexican desert in pursuit of a greater understanding of O'Keeffe's work - and, at the same time,   testing her own landscaping painting skills on the way.

Our Speaker:

Lydia Bauman is an art historian and working artist with her own gallery in London.  She has a special passion for the work of O'keeffe (see above).